Ever since he got into the music industry, Luchi has cemented himself as an unfaltering and insightful lyricist and musician. With his music, there are tales of love, loss, insight, and illusion, worded poetically enough, letting the listener develop their own personal relationship with the lyrics. He chronicles his personal tales down the proverbial rabbit hole in his own ways with the impact of his sound lying within its core qualities from distinct concepts and top-notch production to expressive songwriting. All this has allowed him to garner attention and steadily rise to the crest of UK music scene, hitting listeners one hook at a time!

Taking a departure from the more vulnerable, sentimental, and sad tone that permeated his previous single, “Things He Handed Down” which has gone on to win massive critical acclaim, his new single “You’ll Hurt More” is lively, upbeat and danceable, vulnerable still but delivered with a tone of defiance and a strong sense of resilience to empower the listener.

“You’ll Hurt More” is a powerful anthem of self-empowerment and moving on from heartbreak, healing and focusing more on yourself, ultimately The other toxic person will soon realize what they fumbled and leave to regret for the rest of their lives because there is no going back for you whatsoever!

With his crystal clear, gracious and polished vocal performance, Luchi performs this song directly into the heart and soul of the listener, capturing the raw emotions with his soulful and expressive performance.

The lead and backing vocal harmonies add that dash of flair to the arrangement and the captivating chorus is quite simply infectious and irresistible, sticking in the mind of the listener from just one listen.

Luchi’s voice carries such effortless power and it is the fact that a listener gets hooked from the start to the end that means that we’ve got ourselves such a golden composition that has been exquisitely produced, lovingly arranged and stupendously executed.

This song is already becoming a fan favorite, few hours after it debuted and it’s easy to see why; this is an undeniable masterpiece featuring such a soulful and powerful vocal performance and accomplished songwriting that so many listeners can resonate with.

“You’ll Hurt More” is streaming on all the popular channels, check the track out and since you are bound to fall in love with it, make sure you add it to your music library and share it widely!

To find out what the buzz is all about, how about you follow the link, listen to the song on repeat and you’ll understand why this multilayered, seemingly unstoppable vocalist is on a meteoric rise to the top tire of UK music scene!

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