Luchi’s willingness to express vulnerability in his songwriting and performances is highly admirable. For an artist committed to vulnerability, the challenge of sharing personal memories and emotions with an audience is considerable, yet Luchi excels at it. His honest, vulnerable, and introspective lyrics result in music that leaves listeners reflecting long after the song ends, a testament to his skill as a remarkable artist. His life experiences—which include love, heartbreak, and the ups and downs of life—inform the range of his songwriting. This authenticity has garnered his music widespread critical acclaim, resonating deeply with fans and critics alike.

He returns with another personally-fueled jam titled “Fix This Love.” Tinged with melancholy due to its weighty subject matter, Luchi invites the listener into a chapter of his life where addiction devastated someone he loved dearly, leaving him powerless to help.

The thoughtfully played piano spreads delightful melodies, laying a tender foundation and providing solid support for Luchi’s affectionate vocals as he honestly and vulnerably delves into his story, the raw, sad emotions captured perfectly through his voice.

The poignant hook line, “Can’t say I didn’t try but it was you who gave up, can’t say I didn’t try to fix this love,” encapsulates the song’s deep emotions.

The string instruments added as the song progresses accentuate the weight of the song in the same manner as Luchi’s emotive vocals underscore the weight of his words. This track strikes a chord, particularly for those who have witnessed a loved one succumb to drug addiction.

This is such purposeful and considerate songwriting, with Luchi hoping to reach out to all those suffering from addiction and encourage them not to stay silent, to seek help, and to try to turn their fortunes not only for themselves but for those they care about and those that care about them.

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