Lucas Jay’s story is one of passion, culture, and boundless ambition, and as he continues to weave his musical tapestry, the world eagerly awaits each melodious stroke of his artistry. Ever since he moved to Los Angeles from South Africa (SA) and met with songwriter and producer Josh Fields, a genuine connection was forged; it has since grown into an indestructible bond as they work together to create what can only be described as the soundtracks to our lives. He takes cues from his personal experiences and the profound influence music has had on his life to come up with music that captivates on a deep, emotional level.

“Sunshine” is the kind of raw masterpiece that you can never get enough of. It’s one of those special jams that keeps haunting you long after it has stopped playing, and which is to say, it’s golden.

Birthed from personal experiences and emotions and capturing the raw feelings of moving on from a toxic relationship, the lyrics convey a strong sense of both resilience and defiance.

Lucas’s voice is soulfully rich, boasting an incredible old-school powerhouse range. When he sings, you can feel his soul and heart as he gets you completely immersed in the song, allowing you to forge your personal relationship with the lyrics.

“Sunshine” features a catchy, upbeat, and vibrant poppy instrumentation complemented with retro, funky, and later rock influences as the track progresses. It’s actually fascinating because with a track like this, you have to be spot on for it to feel the way it does, and both Lucas and Josh nailed it with such meticulous attention to detail to come up with a sound that is nostalgic and still relevant, unheard of yet warmly familiar!

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