Little Brain’s unquenchable passion and purpose for music are driving him to transcend all musical genre boundaries and become a rapidly rising sensation in the music business. This breathtaking musical talent is set to win the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans and music melomaniacs across the world, and he is on his way to becoming a household name for the effortless delivery of amazing vocal dexterity and energetic melodies that constantly melt the hearts of his listeners. His style is incredibly eclectic, encompassing a wide range of influences. He likes to stretch the limits of his own imagination and challenge the status quo in service of something distinct but still within reach for music lovers everywhere.

Little Brain returns with a soul-stirring and meaningful performance dubbed “New Normal” that features lush and full-bodied electro instrumentation that is still immersive and ethereal, transporting a listener to another dimension.

I appreciate the patient buildup; nothing has been overdone here as Little Brain lets a listener get an account of the soundscape as his beautifully haunting and emotive vocals slide through the track with subtle confidence.

The track then gains both pace and intensity, especially with the heavy drops accompanying the chorus, which reaches a crescendo and accentuates the weight of the message behind the lyrics.

“New Normal” was actually written during the pandemic and revolves around those irreconcilable differences that occur between people who were very close and the art of recognizing those most affected by any issues and standing firm with what’s right, no matter how bad it might make you look!

This is an emotive and sonically evocative reminder to always stay true to yourself, no matter what, and never compromise on what’s right, no matter the situation.

“New Normal” is a sound design done right and stands atop the hierarchy as such an energetic and uplifting achievement from an artist and producer who has such a unique ear for innovative sounds and whose versatility is limitless.

A stunning, top-notch music video for this song features Little Brain performing alone in his trademark balaclava while walking the listener through each note, rhythm, melody, and lyric.

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