LINAY’s authentic, deeply relatable organic storytelling is matched only by her incredible, warm, charismatic voice, backed by such a powerhouse vocal range that stirs deep emotions within a listener. She sings with such clarity and purity, pouring all of herself into her music and getting to the heart of each and every song she is performing, and that’s exactly what happens with her latest jam, “Kiss Me When You’re Sober” which she describes as her best-written song yet and which marks her comeback to the music scene!

Right from the get-go, when a listener is met by the pop percussion backed by such a crystal clear, heavenly, and golden voice as LINAY breathes life into this tune, exuding such effortless confidence and charisma, you immediately know that you are listening to something special.

The instrumentation is catchy, upbeat, and modern and still has that broad appeal thanks to its subtle rock influences, offering solid support for LINAY’s beautifully haunting vocals as she sings her heart and soul out.

Delving into a deeply relatable topic, the lyrics here explore the complexities of a friend-with-benefits kind of situation, which can often lead to heartbreak after one person develops romantic feelings for the other person who is not ready to reciprocate the same kind of intimate feelings.

The way she phrases the lyrics creates this visual imagery in a listener’s head. The lyrics are also easy to quote, making this a sing-along anthem that really engages the listener, especially with that unforgettable chorus.

Music speaks where words fail, and “Kiss Me When You’re Sober” is such a shining example of this.

LINAY hopes that as you listen to this jam, you will feel less alone in your feelings and sing your heartbreak out with the powerful lyrics comforting your injured heart as the enchanting melodies entertain your ears.

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