LilDevilish stands out among male rappers; his sound is anything but ordinary as he seamlessly blends hip-hop and country worlds together, creating a richly eclectic blend that is unlike anything in the market today. He then breathes life with his immensely expressive vocals in his spoken-word demeanor, smoothly gliding over the tracks with subtle confidence and charisma. His sound isn’t tied to any particular coast or region. A nimble, masterful, and thought-provoking delivery complements striking poetic lyricism and cerebral wordplay. He is a storyteller whose lyrics immerse you in his narrative with his innate competency to paint with words while he chops scene-stealing bars effortlessly. The flex is real. He just might be better than your favorite rapper!

He is back with another special jam dubbed “Over the Limit” that was actually inspired by his own life growing up in poverty on the country side. The lyrics echo the experiences of a young, reckless, and rebellious kid with no father figure around him who, despite his deficiencies, is still a good kid with a good heart.

Taking a creatively referential approach with autobiographical lyrics, LilDevilish transports a listener into his world, vividly painting pictures and images with his graphic rhymes.

The instrumentation is well chosen and is a blend of acoustic guitar tunes that give it that country feel and a powerful and dense hip-hop beat built around the 808.

At the heart of the tune is a memorable hook that stays with the listener long after the track ends.

“Over the Limit” is such an exceptional tune with that broad appeal and such an easy recommendation to a music lover.

LilDevilish is staying true to the goal of using music as a form of expressing feelings, thoughts, and perspectives with lyrics that are sung with passion and purpose so as to touch the souls of listeners through his genre-bending style.

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