British artist and producer Harri who dons the unorthodox moniker lilac frog possesses a competence to reinvent his brand and fearlessly experiment with his sound, an undeniable testament to his talent and longevity. Pioneering his own blend of electronic pop with raw storytelling and emotive vocals, this budding virtuoso has managed to stand out from the masses and gain increasing recognition for his innovative style of rhythmic electro-pop. He has been delivering a steady stream of impressive releases on a variety of different imprints, with his larger-than-life productions garnering massive attention.

Turning attention to his latest release, “How the Curtain Closes” that is ethereal and immersive, lilac frog displays a seemingly effortless technique to give a new edge to electronic pop with a unique, unique and almost subtle dancefloor-ready take

The interplay between the breathy vocals and the striking synths over the strong and immersive production, aided by the driving rhythms and other electronic cadences, is what makes this an enchanting release.

There is an understated melancholic vibe to this track owing to the familiar lyrical content about friendships coming to an end, people growing apart, and all the emotions that accompany that.

The production is crisp, and the execution is simply perfect, leaving nothing to be desired. The emotive vocals and impeccable flow accentuate the weight of the lyrics. That impressive blend of rhythm and melody is intoxicating, and its strengths actually lie in its striking simplicity; nothing has been overdone here, and everything works in perfect harmony with one another to accomplish what the song set out to do.

As a double single with another track, “In My Mind” thrown in there for good measure, you better believe that if you love “How the Curtain Closes,” then “In My Mind” is sure to resonate with you as well.

To immerse yourself in this sonically beautiful landscape, follow the attached link below and enjoy the music to the fullest!

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