Lifeline & Scoob Rock, a hip-hop and rap duo based in Sweden, are blending their musical tastes and creative ideas to create something bigger than themselves. In an age where originality has been hard to come by, they have been pushing the genre boundaries, bridging the gap between the two musical generations with their authentic sound that honors the roots of hip-hop and has been delivered with a modern-day twist. Essentially, their music aims to preserve the culture, entertain, and deliver a dose of nostalgia with a modern twist.

“My View” is a hypnotic masterpiece that hits its listener right in the spot…listening to it, and I couldn’t help but face the sad reality that artists nowadays don’t make them like this—we thank God for Lifeline & Scoob Rock!

The track begins with a theatrical and enthralling display, featuring a Jamaican-inspired rap flow, before seamlessly integrating the remaining elements. This track is distinctly stamped with Lifeline & Scoob Rock’s hypnotic signature delivery, with guest emcee D.V. Alias Khryst offering a visceral listening experience with his supplementary bars.

This nostalgic yet adaptable tune blends a futuristic vibe with old-school elements, underscored by stylistic bars and a fluid flow, “My View” genuinely demonstrates Lifeline & Scoob Rock’s craft in a way that is both powerful and objective, shading light on their varied approach.

The creative poetic eruptions have been meticulously crafted, allowing “My View” its own storyline and framework to provide a fantastic sense of skill, balance, and poise!

My favorite rhymes from this masterpiece were, “I stay true to what I do; no time for bullshit.”

Things we don’t play with are money, family, and music.

Badman King, no time for the amusement; you can’t play king with no crown; no fuck you doing” and “I’m a popular loner with no friends”

A Grammy-worthy standout tune, “My View” embodies the synergy of a talented trio, each recognizing and leveraging the other’s worth.

“My View” is the lead single off of Lifeline & Scoob Rock’s upcoming album; after the masterclass they unleashed on “We move independently” that has received widespread critical acclaim and favorable reviews from the music press, I can’t wait for this new project…in fact I can’t keep calm.

Before then, catch the vibe in this new banger by following the attached link and running it up for Lifeline & Scoob Rock!

| Sdash Rock