LeekoMoney’s acute narrative skills enable him to merge personal experiences with wider insights, making his rap music a beacon for those navigating similar paths. He is as real as it gets with lyrics that are a tapestry of personal triumphs and trials, delivered with a rawness and authenticity that compels the listener to pay attention and dive deeper into the storyline. His lyricism is renowned, consistently demonstrating a fervor and mindset that assert his lyrical mastery. The golden age of hip-hop would commend his work, which transcends borders, eras, and scopes in its sound. He prides himself on his versatility and innate competency to present his hip-hop sound in multiple dimensions, all while maintaining a consistent brand; one of the many things that hip-hop music fanatics find him to be original and relatable.

LeekoMoney is excited to announce the release of his new album “Money Season,” a project that has been in the works for a while now and is in the finishing touches. This project bears his unmistakable imprint, drawing profound inspiration from his relentless pursuit of success and the obstacles he has overcome.

The single “Black Truck” off of this album has been released, and it is an epic banger that is hard-hitting and heavy with a robust production that resounds with a haunting thrill. Insightful bars, boastful rhymes, and complex wordplay are skillfully integrated into this trap-inspired production and delivered in a bold and confident manner, evoking images in the mind of the listener.

A standout element of this track is the bass; it’s impactful enough to test the limits of your sound system thanks to its ground-shaking capabilities. This memorable beat showcases the high-quality production that underpins the creation of this track that transcends the appeal of mere musical melodies.

A captivating banger that is heavy, infectious, and memorable, “Black Truck” is a shining example of what to expect when the full-length album finally drops; it serves as the perfect precursor for this album that was realized through immense effort and dedication.

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