The roots of the phenomenally gifted L.A Bluez’s artistry date back to the dusk of the 90s and the dawn of the 2000s. As a true champion of authentic expression and a visionary, L.A Bluez has been able to come up with a unique type of sound within the realms of classic R&B and soul. With a keen awareness of world culture and its impact on music, his stage name pays homage to his diverse blues background. L.A Bluez has indeed mastered the forte of telling stories in a myriad of art forms and from different viewpoints, and that makes him a force to be reckoned with!

His “Lost Filez” mixtape is a classical collection branching out into contemporary genres with a focus on soul and R&B. Materializing in the beautiful fountain of soulful and golden vocals, L.A Bluez proficiently crafts blues into the musical landscape. The paper-thin synths and dulcet tones of piano keys dally with soulful vocal performances to manifest tracks with themes that span life on the block, the street, drugs, women, and nightlife.

“Different Kind of Blues id3” just hits different; that laid-back, calming intro that lays the foundation for the track to flourish, before the sensual beats stream in is nothing short of haunting! The unison of the elements within the track is entrancing in its seamless and coherent showcase. This is the kind of tune that swirls at the intrigue of your musical gratification!

Those beats at the intro in “Tomorrow id3” are just something else—they spark a certain kind of interest that requires you to play this tune on repeat an insane amount of times. It has that sexy, laid-back groove and a performance flair that provides an immersive listening experience!

That transition from “Tomorrow id3” into “Sidewalkz (I am your all) id5” is just extra smooth; it’s almost hard to notice. The latter is earworming and incredibly tasteful, with L.A Bluez’s breezy and gusty vocals lusciously slinking through the incredibly warm beats like cotton candy.

“It’s getting” Late” undoubtedly has to be the theme track for your Valentine because it embodies the true essence of a soulful ballad with that delivery right there leaving nothing to be desired—it’s just exceptional and breathtaking.

Addicting and ethereally fulfilling are some of the words I think would fit in the description of the masterpiece, “Rock u id3”- there is that scintillating dance-pop drive, and as the tune builds, there is that spectacular beat switch that literally hypnotizes its listener. L.A Bluez belts out those vocals like a reincarnated MJ- taking you all the way with his genuine performance.

I could go on and on, but I will stop for now to give you the chance to experience such depth of musical knowledge and indisputable showmanship as one unleashed here; follow the attached link to stream “Lost Filez” in its entirety and let us know how you feel about L.A Bluez’s craft!

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