Among the many things you need to keep at the forefront of your memory is the name Kora, an impeccable female singer coming out of the Bay Area in California. She is re-energized to take what has always been rightfully hers. Ever since she stepped onto the music scene, Kora has built a reputation around her infectious energy and incredible presence in the room. Her innate talents are undeniable, as is her hunger to succeed in the music industry. Emerging from the hotspot of great female stars such as Kamiayah, Rayana Jay, Ruby Ibarra, and many others, Kora is the next available chart-topping name! She goes on to combine elements of hip-hop, R&B, and pop with a lyricism that depicts the wisdom and experience of her culture for her audiences to relate to. She also possesses the kind of angelic vocals that, once she opens her mouth, the heavens begin to open up!

Even before the dust created by “Pressure” and “21 Questions” has settled down, Kora is back with another headline-hitting single titled “Addicted”. That title right there is as relevant to the theme of the track as it is to the feelings a listener gets from it!

In “Addicted”, Kora takes us back to the golden era of pure and unstained R&B sound with those old-school and expressively uncontained beats flawlessly beating their way from the speakers to a listener’s heart and soul!

As you indulge and rest in its enveloping melodies, Kora heightens the impact tenfold as she comes through with her glossy, smooth-talking, and honeyed vocals to give one matchless performance. If wishes were actually horses, then I’d wish to ride on this track forever!

Everything sticks in this record; be it the well-nourished and structured melodies that rest within the sound anatomy, the refreshing and delicate vocal harmonies, or even that entire chorus performance that is indisputably unforgettable owing to its easily quotable and engaging lines.

It is quite fascinating the level of versatility Kora has been unleashing, and you can track it down through her releases; from “Pressure” down to “21 Questions” and now “Addicted”- they are so different yet uniquely entertaining. I honestly cannot wait to hear what surprise she has prepared next for us!

Kora is expected to drop her debut album next year, in 2023. This means that there is so much to look forward to from her side!

Meanwhile, follow the attached link to stream “Addicted” and find a spot for it under your favorite music playlist!

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