If you were worried there wasn’t someone qualified enough to rival and usurp the current female rap/pop throne, I am here on behalf of Kora to put your worries to rest. Kora is the new face of musical greatness, and she happens to come from a hotbed of rich talent that has gone on to completely change the music game; Bay Area, California, it is! With a work ethic to match and unrelenting ambition, she is riding all the way to the top, and this time, she has got the keys to musical success. An eclectic artist by any measure, the swiftness with which she strikes that balance between singing and rapping over prolific hip-hop and pop instrumentals is not what you get to see and experience every Tuesday!

Her music is a wholesome experience, and I feel that you’d be better suited to dig it once you experience it. Kora has not been resting as she hops from one city to the next, hitting the stage and delivering awe-inspiring performances that ensure that once she steps down on any stage, the audience is bound to never forget her name; she is that good, I mean at this point she can’t even help herself!

“21 Questions” has been a staple for so many listeners over the past few weeks, and after I listened to the tune quite a number of times, I understood why that is the case. Mature, calm, composed, and passionate, Kora delivers a matchless performance capped off with her indisputable singing and rapping over the hip-hop and pop melodies.

She has got that voice for days, and she is not shy about expressing it and testing its limits for the gratification of a listener. You just want to consume that voice endlessly and swallow it if need be. I found it quite fascinating because her performance kind of reminded me of Miley Cyrus’ own hey days when she went all rogue to give masterpieces such as “23” to the equal surprise and chagrin of both her fans and critics!

Kora goes all ham on this one; and it got me thinking out loud: now that she’s got 21 Questions of her own and she is savagely honest about them, does that make her 21 more savage? Damn!

To enjoy this indisputable banger, I recommend you follow the attached link with immediate effect before Santa steals it away for his own benefit and enjoyment!

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