KoolkidRockwell has been feeding the streets with some timeless masterpieces for some time now; this Miami-based promising lyrist has got what it takes to lead a very successful career in music industry and as someone who prides himself on his versatility and innate ability to strike the perfect balance of staying ahead of the pack whilst still drawing from an authentic repertoire to authenticate musical greatness, then I don’t see why KoolkidRockwell shouldn’t entertain the whole idea around full-time artistry!

Bursting with the fiery spirit of hip hop cursing through his veins, KoolkidRockwell reminds the world of his lyrical capabilities in the blazing banger “Hurry Up Lets Go.” This is one of those dope bangers that possess some catchy and memorable hooks, qualifying it as the perfect anthem.

KoolkidRockwell lays his introspective sing-song rhymes atop the melodic, biting trap-like instrumentals resulting in a hybrid that has all the qualities of a smash hit and one that is going to propel this prodigious inventor into the mainstream consciousness.

The ‘feel-good’ attribute of this epic banger certainly underscores its likability and another thing I observed is that the songwriting style utilized by KoolkidRockwell in this hit track will undeniably create an irresistible sound for today’s hip-hop music lovers.

“Hurry Up Lets Go” is all about the motivation to get up and go chase the bag. Looking at it, this track is actually a highlight of KoolkidRockwell’s versatility and inborn talents! With this single, the industry is on notice and has high expectations for this young phenom!

KoolkidRockwell has always nurtured an infinite love of music from a tender age that has never wavered or faltered and is motivated by the simple drive to create great, timeless music that engages and entertains while inciting optimism and positivity.

“Hurry Up Lets Go” is out now on all your favorite streaming platforms; follow the attached link to experience this hit anthem firsthand before it starts breaking records. While at it share the track with other hip hop purists around you!

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