King’s Collective Music brings together singers, writers, musicians, videographers, and photographers from all over the world united by passion and devotion to Christ. Bringing together souls from over 500 church locations called King’s Cathedral & Chapels, King’s Collective has evolved into a dominating musical force with a diverse repertoire of Gospel songs that have led them to become one of the most revered global Christian-based musical collective. Their signature sound deftly blends pop with soul-gospel so as to reach out to a wide array of listeners across all ages and religions.

Coming through with another heartwarming gospel tune that really transcends the four walls of the church, King’s Collective did not disappoint in their latest orchestrated single titled, “In Your Name.” Depicting such depth of worship and victory, “In Your Name” honors the highest God and recognizes His eternal presence and power over all that rests on land. This is a song of gratitude, especially during this tumultuous era where people seem to forget who reigns over heaven and earth.

From the onset, you feel a relaxing wave of melody hit your ears as the keyboard tunes soothe your soul before the soft and soulful vocals of Alex Betsill hit your senses with a reverberating impact felt across your soul. The complementary percussive instrument does well to complement the buildup of the track.

As the track grows, the choir joins into fashion what is an uplifting symphonious orchestra that uplifts your soul and makes you feel like the floodgates of heaven are opening! The melodies are pleasant, the choir orchestration brings a sense of harmony, and the words behind the lyrics give a deep resonating feeling of fulfillment.

From where I am standing, “In Your Name” is pretty much the complete Gospel song; I have already listened to it more times than I can remember; it’s irrefutably addictive. I also watched the acoustic video in Hawaiian and English and it’s just pure passion and such a gracious display, to be honest. You really should check it out on YouTube.

“In Your Name” is now available for streaming on all your favorite platforms; follow the attached link, stream this tune, add it as a favorite under your music library and share it everywhere!

King’s Collective can be found on:

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