KingKoss - Feelin’ Irie

The music industry is always coming up with new inventive ways to captivate its audiences, and KingKoss is no different; this US-based African artist who was the lead member of the versatile group ‘Blackstarx’ is now embarking on a solo journey that he hopes will be solidified by his trailblazing attitude and forward-thinking capacity to create timeless and catchy hits, and from that debut single, “Feelin’ Irie”, the stage is already set for him to dazzle!

“Feelin’ Irie” offers a ‘feel-good’ experience that will leave you mesmerized and is a huge testament to the kind of direction KingKoss wants to take in his solo career.

“Feelin’ Irie” crosses the paths of elements of afrobeats and hip hop, which gives it a broad appeal among different demographics, and I feel that it is an authentic masterpiece that will help elevate KingKoss to international acclaim.

The afrobeats-embellished instrumentation lays a steady foundation for KingKoss’ chocolaty vocals to flourish, and there is something about that hook that you cannot quite explain—it is hypnotic, luring a listener in and rewarding them with a true ‘feel-good’ experience.

De-eye does incredibly well on his part by complementing this banger with his tenderly nurtured vocals over the warm, lush, and full-bodied beats.

I also enjoyed that rap delivery towards the end of the track; it really fits in with this style and helps add that sonic variety and depth to this undeniable masterpiece.

KingKoss and De-eye just got into the studio and made a hit anthem that I am certain will go on to meet and surpass its own high expectations…this is a radio staple in its entirety!

“Feelin’ Irie” is actually the first single off of KingKoss’ upcoming solo debut album, “I did it my way” which is expected to drop later this year.

Now that he has the music world’s attention, expect more and more greatness…this is just the beginning of something huge, and we’re all in for it!

“Feelin’ Irie” is now streaming on all the major platforms, including Spotify; follow the attached link and ride with it!

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