The world is such a beautiful place with infinite possibilities; what we sometimes imagine or fantasize about in our wildest dreams later comes to fruition in the most touching and emotional of ways. This is most certainly the case for singer, songwriter, and performer Kiera Marsland, based in Liverpool, UK. Growing up, she always dreamed of being a rock star. With an insatiable passion for music that blossomed daily, she seized every opportunity, indulging in her musical passion and honing her skills. Music has always held a special place in her heart as a means of unlocking new possibilities, emotions, and goals. Drawing inspiration from musical luminaries ranging from Stevie Nicks and Amy Winehouse to Harry Styles, Kiera’s music is an expression of her inner world, designed to evoke emotions and capture moods.

Following her debut single ‘Annie,’ Kiera is set to release her sophomore single ‘Infiel,’ featuring male vocalist Brian Hobbs.

The intro showcases Kiera’s bold, powerhouse vocals, raw and unrestrained, backed by Brian’s emotive, soft, and tender tones, setting a raw mood for the track. The drums and guitars create a lively thrill as Marsland and Hobbs deliver a duet culminating in brilliant vocal unity, especially in the memorable chorus.

As the track gains pace, the passionately shredded guitar exudes heart-racing riffs, making you feel like you’re in the middle of a concert.

“Infiel” is a Portuguese word meaning ‘unfaithful,’ often referring to an adulterous husband. This perhaps explains the raw passion and intensity in the delivery. It feels like it struck a chord with Kiera!

With a performance like this, it’s easy to see why music enthusiasts inside and outside Liverpool are excited for Kiera. Her unique blend of raw talent, introspective lyrics, and passion for storytelling poise her to make a lasting impact on the music industry.

Stay tuned for the latest developments and watch as Kiera Marsland carves her unique path, building a musical treasure trove one hit at a time!