Whether gently strumming her guitar strings, soulfully singing with her golden, angelic voice, or deeply invested with pen and pad, writing her soul out, Kat White always ensures that she gets to the heart of everything she is doing. She is a multifaceted artist; inside her lies a voice of unique colors. When she sings, it’s almost as if she is serenading you live; her voice resonates with an angelic quality. Listening to her came as a realization to me; never had I thought that I would be particularly intrigued by traditional, roots-inspired indie folk, but here I am, deeply appreciative of Kat White’s authentic music.

“Under the Peach Tree” is the kind of composition that takes you with it from the first note, transporting you into its world and refusing to let go until it is no more. You are completely lost in it and allowed to escape into its reality!

This tune is incredibly mellow, thanks to the gently strummed guitar melodies, and has this wonderful, almost fanciful undertone that lets you escape into it for a while, which is brilliant because songs that let you step out of your reality and into another’s are something you don’t come across that often, so when you do get a track like this, you cherish every moment of it.

Kat White’s crystal clear, gentle yet powerful voice is healing and comforting, and she sings with such lucidity and emotion as the equally tender production wraps around the lyrics like a warm embrace.

The heartfelt storytelling, dulcet guitar melodies, and Kat White’s indescribably beautiful vocal harmonies take a listener on a journey ingrained deep in the song’s thematic heart…a musical experience worth remembering.

Kat White is also celebrating another feat; she was honored for co-writing and performing the soundtrack, “Stone In A River” for an indie animated film, “The Inventor” which is such a highlight in her growing career.

“Under the Peach Tree” as well as her other stunning tunes, including “Stone In A River” are available for streaming on all major platforms, including Spotify. Follow the link, savor, and add the songs to your playlist.

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