Karma Town is an emerging pop artist from Israel who incorporates influences and elements from a diversity of pop genres to create an intriguing sound design. He has a keen ear for arrangement and music production and his latest track “Oh No” – the first single off of his upcoming album is a stupendous synth-pop with a lively infectious danceable quality, diverse collection of instrumentation, and melody that is out of this world! He sings from the soul and in this track he incorporated that personal life experience most of us have found ourselves in – the lyrics depicting that engulfing sadness after a heartbreak but still not wanting to let go! That attraction to toxicity consuming and compelling one to walk down the same route even if they know the outcome won’t be less forgiving. The urge to overlook all the hurt and only focus on the best moments! If that is the case, then this is the track for you to resonate heavily with!

His commanding and powerful voice project and emote the emotional lyrics being displayed captivatingly. The upbeat, vibrant, sing-along, and rhythmic melody feels external and you honestly don’t want to stop vibing to it! This is a stupendous mash-up of synth-pop with dance elements backed by virtuosic vocals breathing new life into the scene through the crisp rhythms that have been merged over stellar production. The cohesive flow of every detail in this track displays Karma’s and his teams’ masterful ability.

Karma showcases his dynamic creativity and his insatiable passion for making outstanding melodies and this stupendous production just goes ahead to display his elite-level musicianship and his keen ear for sound design. The dazzling instrumentation is complimented exceptionally well with the equally endearing and high-standard official music video that is a glamorously painted cinematic approach to try and bring out the theme of the track. And dare I say that Karma and her female companion performed their roles to perfection like some Hollywood superstars! This music video is guaranteed to capture your attention from the start to the end.

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