This new song by New York-based singer-songwriter Justin Seitzler is a demonstration of his willingness to push boundaries and explore new sounds, resulting in an innovative and accessible piece of music. This indeed showcases the artist’s exceptional creativity and profound soul. This beautiful and intriguing song is a great addition to his stunning music catalog, even as he gears towards the release of his new EP dubbed “From a Barstool” that will soon be available for streaming on all popular channels.

In a catchy and timeless manner, Justin connects with listeners through his top-notch performance that pays tribute to retro classic rock, while also exuding a futuristic vibe.

The stunning riffs set the groundwork before other rock percussion instruments join in. Untouched by excessive production, Justin’s voice remains organic, real, and raw, and he really packs a powerful punch with this performance that remains ingrained in a listener’s brain for a very long time.

Justin’s unique combination of a distinctive voice and the emotion he imbues in his singing sets him apart from others.This is quite a fascinating composition that overflows with intimate feelings and floods the soul with warmth.

The chorus is breathtakingly beautiful and simply unforgettable; Justin’s combination of having a great, distinctive voice combined with the emotion he sings with sets him apart from anyone else.

Justin Seitzler is just spectacular, and “What You Asked Me to Do” is a flawless performance.

With performances like this, Justin is proving that his vision for music goes further than most of his peers of similar standing in the industry.

“What You Asked Me to Do” is another level of brilliance from this artist who is seeking to make his mark on the global music scene.

All lovers of rock music have something to ingest from Justin’s music, with his upcoming EP set to mark a significant milestone in his career.

Before then, familiarize yourself with Justin’s work by following the attached link, and let this powerful song boost your playlist and uplift your soul.

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