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Just Tat Em has stared down evil and a certain kind of darkness that many would succumb to, but he has survived—from being thrown in juvie and jail to a street life marred with drugs and crime, his life has been like a movie, but he somehow managed to turn it around, and now he is a vulnerable artist who finds strength in his pain to engineer music that is deep and personal. He is an eclectic powerhouse who is seeking to change the world with his music, and right now he is at the inception influencing the world positively, one song at a time.

His “Patience” single, which has been accompanied by a lyric video, demonstrates his versatility and wide range as a lyrical artist. This is a seamless fusion of that hip-hop and R&B to create something that has a crossover appeal and one that highlights how he has found his niche in singing as well as rapping.

“Patience” has a deeply meaningful theme around it about never forgetting where you come from and letting that be the motivation to acquire greatness. This is what it takes to triumph in your sphere while living beautifully for the rest of your life.

Patience is a private treasure that, if properly managed, will cause anyone to overcome the violence of their excuses and avoid the knife blade of their past limits so that the great hero encoded within their souls meets the light of day and enables them to become what they are meant to be—makers of spectacular work, leaders without titles, and human beings dedicated to living in awe of life’s most gorgeous graces.

Just Tat Em puts his heart and soul into this performance, with that unforgettable chorus capping off this genuine performance that will remain ingrained in your head for the rest of the day.

To listen to this captivating and inspiring single, follow the attached link, subscribe to Just Tat Em’s official YouTube channel, like the lyric video, and add this tune to your music library.

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