In the realm of music anomalies, LA-based artist Joseph Rutakangwa distinguishes himself with his genre-blending sound, deviating from the ordinary and the expected. His voice possesses the power to transport listeners to a world where vulnerability and strength intertwine. Growing up, he harbored a profound love for music, which he has cultivated by coming through the ranks, taking influences from some of his favorite luminaries, who ignited a creative fire within him and set the stage for his own musical odyssey. However, Joseph’s creative spark is not solely ignited by past luminaries; instead, it is fueled by the rich tapestry of his own life experiences, which form the foundation of his art.

Rutakangwa returns with another musical treat, a heartfelt ballad titled “Avani”, which is as much a celebration of love and its power as it is an artistic expression.

“Avani” is an intensely personal track that draws upon real emotions of love, and that outpouring of affection comes out vividly through the impeccably phrased lyrics, with Joseph’s stunning vocal delivery underscoring the weight of the lyrics and the emotions behind them.

The backing vocal harmonies add depth and color to this striking tune, with the drill-flavored beat providing solid support for the sweet-sounding vocals of the artist as he deploys his sing-song technique with such effortless grace.

The memorable pre-hook and hook of the track engage listeners, making it an enjoyable experience to sing along and dance to the beat.

“Avani” is a radio staple in every sense of the word and deserves to be added to the playlist of any listener who appreciates music with relatable songwriting, emotive vocals, and a hypnotic beat.

Rutakangwa is swiftly and rightfully gaining recognition on a global scale. With this genuine masterpiece, that evolution is set to reach greater levels than ever.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the link and let “Avani” be part of your daily listening routine!

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