Jordan Joyes’ music is written from such a place of sincerity and strength; ever since she was little, a creative spark for music was ignited inside her that has never faltered. Most of her days are now spent blissfully immersed in the process she loves most: creating. Having navigated the tumultuous terrain of the music industry from a tender age, Jordan’s message to her fans resonates with sincerity and resilience.

The unique tapestry of Jordan’s music reflects her diverse journey in the music industry, rather than specific influences. She has had the opportunity to tour and share stages with a diverse range of artists, from the punk rock stylings of Swingin’ Utters and The Supersuckers to the punk glam of Guttermouth and Sham 69, and even country and blues talents such as Scott H. Biram. Her creative compass, thus, is a testament to her multifaceted experiences in the music world.

Joyes delivers a wave of uncompromising authenticity in her latest single ‘Passing Ships,’ featuring The Walker Readers, presenting a raw masterpiece from start to finish.

The rippling guitar strings set the tone for the track, paving the way for Jordan’s big, bold, and expansive voice—an uncontainable force delivering an enchanting vocal performance that fits seamlessly into a punk record.

This track has a broad appeal; the acoustic foundation gives it that country edge, and it showcases distinct instrumentation that underscores the stylistic caliber and appeal of the roots sound. The vibrancy and pure devotion in those vocals hit the listener in all the right places.

This performance feels like a warm blanket of nostalgia with some healing energy and such accomplished songwriting at its heart.

In ‘Passing Ships,’ Jordan embodies timelessness, reflecting her deep adoration for music and her belief in its ability to transcend constraints.

Jordan is a testament to the adage that the path to success isn’t a straight line. She is an artist defined by passion, resilience, and an evolving sound that remains anchored in authenticity.

“Passing Ships” is now streaming on all platforms. Just follow the link and enjoy this exceptional masterpiece that shrewdly pushes genre boundaries!

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