Based in Mobile, Alabama, composer and recording artist John Kline exhibits an inherent passion for creativity. He introduces a progressive new age sound infused with his distinctive style, consistently adding a personal touch and theatrical storytelling to his compositions. He has established one of the most impressive discographies in multi-instrumental composition, and his latest album, “Rixile Elixir,” magnificently enriches his existing catalog.

There are many standouts from this album that offer quite a cathartic listening experience, with its elevated, uplifting tracks, filled with rich harmonies and evocative emotions, transporting listeners to different realms.

“Neurogenesis” is uniquely vibrant, with a heavy concoction of rock melody emanating from that raucous blend of riffs, drums, and piano, backed by cinematic scores to add to the track’s elegance.

“Happy Little Echoes” feels like a transformation of nature into melodies with universal appeal. It’s peaceful, rhythmic, and has a satisfying melodic progression that reflects the tranquility that only nature affords.

“Agent of Change” is a classic piece with subtle jazz influences that make for such a breathtakingly beautiful, moody, and nostalgia-inducing listening experience brimming with mellow and splendorous thrills. The wind instrument adds both sonic elegance and flair to the arrangement.

“Made It Home” is another roots music masterclass exuding such an ear-worming country feel that feels grand in scope and wonderfully expressive in execution. The instrumentation is exceptional, and the improvisation is extraordinarily good.

With the entire “Rixile Elixir”, John Kline has opted for an album that manages to balance its moments of majestic grandeur and delicate introspection marvelously.

Throughout this project, the instrumentation is well chosen and offers the listener a timbrally diverse and tonally rich palette of sounds to digest.

If you are looking for music to spark that magic from within, then I’d suggest having a go at this exemplary body of work from a compositional genius at the top of his game.

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