John Gallen - Half Burning Sun

When you look at his Spotify profile, which reads a figure of more than 108K monthly listeners and tremendous stream numbers, you’d hardly believe that he started this as early as last year. Those numbers scream a vet who has been in the game for ages- but perhaps when the numbers look way too good, you automatically know that we aren’t dealing with your average type of artist; – Ireland-based John Gallen is an extraordinary musician who likes to see himself through other people’s emotions and experiences, and that is in turn reflected in his music. As someone who has a thing for timeless standards, he definitely possesses the phrasing and songwriting virtuosity to make music capable of withstanding the test of time!

John Gallen prides himself on coming from the side of pop-rock where the quality of the lyrics and the authenticity of the sound all count for something, and it is little wonder why his debut album, “1970s,” has already been unanimously acclaimed with more than half a million streams on Spotify alone. Building on the bulging wave of momentum that the album has created for him, John has not been resting, as he plans to release more material this year, starting with his latest haunting and captivating single, “Half Burning Sun.”

Docking his boat in the harbor of a nostalgic new wave rock atmosphere, Gallen orchestrates a sonically inviting melodic rock with an infectious guitar, drum, and vocal-driven sound. This is such an upbeat track with an understatedly psychedelic vibe, backed by a soulfully raw, poetically defined lyricism that reaches the core of emotional satisfaction!

At its core, “Half Burning Sun” has a positive message about looking forward and letting go of the hurt and grief to concentrate on self-healing. You have to always trust that life has got your back, even if everything that unfolds makes no sense. One day you’ll just wake up and smile again; maybe you’ll receive a call from your mom or a longtime friend; or the rays of light from a beautiful morning sun will glow on your face, and you’ll be so happy then!

“Half Burning Sun” is now streaming on major digital platforms; follow the attached link and add this sound masterclass to your library!

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