Joe Macre is an extraordinarily gifted recording artist, songwriter, producer/engineer and a sought-after bass player. He is also the owner of Cuppa Joe Music which is responsible for composing, producing and engineering his and other artists’ music from his American Garage Studios. As a professional bass player who played for the band “Crack The Sky” in 1975, experience and lessons are what he has accumulated along the way and is what define the consummate artist that he is. With still lots of energy to spare, Joe is working tirelessly to cement his place in the crowded and ever-evolving music scene.

“When You’re Smiling At Me” is the second bonus track off of his “Dream is Free” album. After finalizing the album, Joe made two bonus tracks, “I Need You” and “When You’re Smiling At Me” and had no intention of releasing them and I’m glad he changed his mind otherwise we (me and you reading this) wouldn’t be gathered here talking about such an ingenious piece of composition as this!

“I Need You” was warmly received and “When You’re Smiling At Me” is racking up some impressive numbers which could only mean one thing; it already is a fan favorite! I enjoyed how Mac gets out of his comfort zone to try something entirely new and it works to perfection.

“When You’re Smiling At Me” is an R&B-defined masterpiece that has added an entrancing pop-rock stylish for the grand measure. Those well-orchestrated backing vocal harmonies add that intriguing element of the R&B. And that guitar percussion is simply out of this world and is placed in all the right places!

This is a colorful affair and without straining for effort, Joe goes on to deliver the love-quoted lines over the sumptuous instrumentation, and owing to the fact that this is not his dominant field, there can be no complaints about such a dedicated performance.

“When You’re Smiling At Me” is one of those effortlessly likable melodies which I really wouldn’t hesitate recommending to anyone and this is what I’m doing here!

Follow the attached link and revel in the sweetness of this spectacular track!

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