This festive season promises to be exciting and among the many things to be excited about is of course the reemergence of the remarkably gifted star JODI FitZ from New York who has vowed to unleash his musical prowess on the world until it relinquishes its support of other wannabe artists! I have been checking JODI FitZ out and if there is one thing he has in him is the desire to succeed. Going through his gram and I couldn’t help but be proud of his grit and determination to sell himself to the people and that right there is an admirable attribute that defines achievers no matter the field.

JODI FitZ is back with a very catchy and honestly irresistible eclectic ballad titled “Love Me” in which he featured his friend DMVTONE. I have to be honest, JODI FitZ’s voice really got me by surprise; – I had my expectations of him but he really did exceed my expectations here and I am more than certain that “ Love Me” will generate considerable buzz not only in New York but in other states as well.

The guitar intro is genuinely charming and the best intro to this tune with the melodies soon hitting a listener with warmth and detail. I love how a little bit of various components have been blended to engineer an eclectic track that breaks the boundaries within reggae, hip hop and afrobeat magnificently.

JODI FitZ’s polished vocals complement this tune perfectly. They come off velvety and raw and carry the emotions of this particular jam sensationally. DMVTONE does well on his part with his supplementary verses that highlight the track’s love-inspired theme superbly.

There is a lot to like about “Love Me” and here is your chance to find out; follow the attached link and let us know what you think about this epic collab by JODI FitZ.

And if his sweet words aren’t enough to convince you, then maybe the fact that he’s giving away 200,000 in Shiba Inu tokens will help tip the scales in his favor.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is follow @iamjodifitz on Instagram and visit before December 25th at 1 PM; then you’ll be entered into the drawing!

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