With that slap of the dope beats emanating from “Tipsy”, you can’t help but push the volume a little up; – what then follows is a thrilling ride with A-Z inspired rhyme delivered with that Caribbean packed lyricism peppered throughout the danceable beats. Even saying that this banger is entertaining feels like an understatement because there is so much vibe to it that transcends the basic thrill. Catchy as hell and still evoking a heavenly feeling, this is the work of one Virgin Islands trend-setting musical star, Jelani Kendall, who is making waves with his unparalleled sound design and technique that crosses hip-hop with Caribbean musical influences.

“Tipsy” is just one from a wholesome collection that boasts such other transcending anthems. Themed “Bush Tea,”  this whole collection that was produced by the mastermind V2J is not one to be cherry-picked via remote button; if you want to enjoy the whole terrific experience, you just have to play it from the start all the way to the finish.

“My Time” features some undeniably memorable hooks over the hypnotic melodies. Owning the stage, Kendall delivers the perfect lyrical flow with his effortlessly powerful vocals and his striking, quintessential Caribbean-flavored flow.

The infectious hooks in “Overdue” heighten its anthemic features. The beats here slap like hell as Jelani takes a listener on a trippy experience that will get a listener dancing in no time.


In the words of V2J, his producer, who always tells Jelani “we going up fast,”  “Bush Tea” is the epitome of unique and high-quality music to delight listeners of many music tastes. Kendall is truthfully engineering a dynamic style, and his meteoric rise is a result of his surprisingly different, catchy, and feel-good hip-hop music, ready to set the good vibes and turn up the dance floor heat.

To relish in this unforgettable listening experience, follow the attached link and get vibing in no time!

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