JBando Soul Season

JBando is a hip-hop engineer whose style that amalgamates his raging voice and passionate delivery is a welcomed sound in today’s musical arena. His strong commanding voice has a signature appeal and power that draws listeners in and rewards them with genuine, ‘feel-good experiences.’ Equally adept at laid-back and blazing songs, JBando is a formidable talent whose time has come.

He has finally released his much-anticipated EP, “Soul Season” and it is one of those collections that is brimming with impeccably-crafted songs which are a mixture of modern and vintage sounds with his entertaining bar-dropping uniqueness grabbing the listener’s mind all the way.


This certified record has two tracks; “Elevating Soul Searching Space” which he featured Varius and “Graveyard Shift Home of The Demons.” Elevating Soul Searching Space is an infectious track that blends fruitful singing over the beats by Varius and straight fire raging bar drops from JBando as he projects his high-powered and energetic display over the sizzling hip-hop beats.

This is going to send shockwaves all around the rap industry due to the sheer amount of effort and delivery. He really did put his heart and soul in this breathtaking delivery- going all the way like a Lamborghini with no brakes as he slays the beats in lyrical fashion, raging occasionally like a speed-gun! This will be a straight hit as it has all the qualities of a groundbreaking hip-hop track.

JBando really goes out of his way to make sure you have a listening experience that you will never forget and that is what makes him the act to watch out for now and in the future.

To immerse yourself into this ethereal listening experience; follow the attached link and let these two tracks infuse your day and embellish your favorite section under your playlist.

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