An explosive wordsmith, effortlessly blurring the lines between rapper and artist, J the A couldn’t have envisioned the massive impact his music was going to generate once he started out. He was just doing music on the side as a hobby and a way to express his emotions but he continuously felt an urge to release his art out there and see what came of it. With over 750K streams amassed already, it is safe to say that his music has been critically acclaimed, his fan base has expanded, and so has his insatiate passion for music. He is a lyricist at the summit of his creative expression, delivering back-to-back hits as soon as inspiration allows him…and boy, isn’t his inspiration limitless!

Right now, the moment and airwaves belong to J the A and his new banging masterpiece dubbed “About the Price,” a feel-good and energetic hip-hop banger that captures the essence of celebrating life’s success after all the hard work and sacrifices.

Right from the onset, the cleverly manipulated and processed vocal samples set an alluring and haunting tone. What follows is J the A showcasing his lyrical imaginativeness and rhyme prowess over a hedonistic beat that equally stretches the limits of trap and drill.

J the A lays the foundation with the memorable chorus, before smoothly transitioning into the verses in a slick manner that you wouldn’t even notice. His delivery is fresh with arresting rhymes, hard-hitting and playful bars as well.

The vocal chops continue haunting on the background, creating this hauntingly beautiful atmosphere around the jam as J the A makes his presence felt over the mic, coming harder with rhymes that ooze raw talent, charisma, and critical acclaim!

“About the Price” is a certified club banger with replay value⸻One that boosts the spirits and vibe in any setting. It is also a highlight of J the A’s growth, artistic integrity, authenticity, and versatility.

The future looks so bright for this young emcee, who is at the top of his game. Let’s give him his flowers while he can still smell them.

Stream and save this jam that already has over 6K Spotify streams in such a short span of time since its release. If you love that UK drill vibe, “About the Price” is exactly what you’ve been craving for; a banger brimming with a sick flow and beat…enjoy!