By now, J Baybee is no stranger as his imposing single “Power” has been an anthem for the larger part of last year and this year with hip-hop lovers not getting enough off of it.

J Baybee was born a survivor and even though his childhood wasn’t particularly bread and butter, he was able to rise from within the ruins of trials and tribulations and those crashing complexities that wanted to drown his childhood and part of his adulthood. Music was there for him during these times of turmoil and it is where he sought solace whenever he felt a little too overwhelmed. Now as an artist who has come of age, his music mirrors the pain, anguish, hope, love and every imaginable emotion we encounter while going through life.

His style of authentic rap music transforms the tales from the streets- you know the real-life situations, as well as his trials and tribulations into lyrics that are perfectly blended into catchy and upbeat melodies to articulate bangers with near-universal appeal. Currently an independent rapper, J Baybee is just getting started and is guaranteed a place at the top of the rap food chain- that you can be assured of!

“4 Me” is his latest banger and this blazing tune is accompanied by an equally heavy and meaningful lyricism that is deeply introspective. When he says “People fall in love with your hand, when you stop giving they run from you…” I felt that.

This stunner bounces along with some organic instruments, the deep bass lines, phased drums and the resounding 808’s with the atmospheric keyboard percussion competing for attention through the thick wave of melody. The indistinct vocal drops in the background give this track its hypnotic features.

You dig in every word he utters from his charged-up repertoire of ingenious flows which he drops whilst they are still hot and fresh. There is nothing quite like a blazing tune with some deeply relatable lyrics.

The official music video is out and I appreciate how he invested in this high-standard cinema that currently boats thousands of views on YouTube. Listening to the young act performing with unapologetic confidence his intricate wordplay, technical lyrics and punchlines as you watch the video makes the song even more endearing. His cutting-edge lyrical delivery channels the classic fashionable new school Hip hop that has been controlling the airwaves lately which means he is on the right track and it is only a matter of time before he explodes to the national scene like he is destined to. This is what dreams are made of.

“4 Me” is out now on all streaming platforms; follow the attached link and let this melodic rap tune heal you!

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