Hobart embodies that ‘superstar’ swagger that has been ingrained in his veins ever since he was a young kid, possessed by music, fashion, and lifestyle…things that now define his very existence as an artist, show host, comic, and actor. As a musician, he has honed his skills and evolved his unique blend of punk, rock, pop, and roots sounds, gaining recognition on a global scale. With a natural talent for creating uplifting, striking, and melodious music, his refreshing tunes resonate with diverse audiences. His sound is driven by effervescent rhythms at its core, catchy hooks, magnetic soundscapes, and soothing energy, evoking profound emotional and physical responses from listeners.

Hobart is set to release “Finally Friday”- a rock masterpiece delivered with a celebratory and cheerful tone to mirror its feel-good vibes and positive vibrations.

His lyrics are sung with a livelier tone and are clean throughout; his impassioned vocals are rich and oscillate through the rock foundation with such clarity, distinction, and command. The catchy chorus at the song’s heart is quite simply unforgettable and takes up residence in a listener’s mind for the rest of the day.

A tune that revels in its definite sense of musical identity and brilliantly catchy demeanor, this song lives up to the spirit and glory of rock music, and the optimistic nature of the lyrics means that any listener, despite their age, can enjoy it and easily sing along to its infectious tones and lyrics.

“Finally Friday” also has a complementary anime-inspired music video that is just as powerful as the song itself and will officially debut on September 29, 2023, on Hobart’s @BigSushiVampire YouTube channel.

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The track will then be available for streaming on all the other major platforms as of October 1, 2023. What you can now do as we await the official release is pre-save this jam because it is a seriously tasty anthem that deserves to be under the spotlight and graces any rock playlist…don’t you forget that!