Versatile and talented hip-hop and R&B artist Hitta Young has cultivated an exceptional sound with his sights set on the future. As someone who is more than dedicated to becoming an influencing and driving force, encouraging upcoming artists to pursue their dreams and beliefs via his own musicality, Young wants to leave an indelible mark on the music scene that will be his legacy.

Ever since he started making music, Young has been providing eardrum motivation to fans with his hypnotic allure, shocking and awe-inspiring all those who get the opportunity to hear his signature versatile sound. With his new “Cry” album, Young is on pace to ignite the industry with vulnerable and soul-revealing music paired with his witty charm.

“Cry” is a 10-track collection that was inspired by Young’s daily real-life experiences, thoughts, and emotions. As he delves deep into the creative process, this project becomes a projection of real-life musings and happenings, from hustling to facing sadness, loneliness, or depression to chasing love and the life of the streets with family and friends…the very peak into a normal person’s diary!

The opening track “Scars” hits a personal and inspiring tonality that feels deeply relatable and very genuine as it is coming from a place that breeds an honest set of lyrics that all come together in a sort of genre-defying amalgamation of trap and R&B, with Young stamping his indelible imprint on this project both as a rapper and singer.

“Scars” also features such an infectious hook that it is guaranteed to take up residence in the listener’s brain for the rest of the day!

The title track “Cry” is another bona fide standout tune from the collection that sees Young captivatingly sing over the R&B-infused melodies, offering some rhythmically mesmerizing flows. The way his voice blends with the instruments results in a genuinely likable performance that has replay value.

“2 Mins of Death” is a drill masterpiece that features a heavy production that is equally matched by Hitta Young’s heavy blows on the lyrical front. Unleashing a razor-sharp lyrical display in the form of hard-hitting bars, provocative rhymes, and freakish cadences, Hitta displays his fierce personality with a poised and confident demeanor!

In “Safe,” Young also unleashes his lyrical dominance, transporting the listener into a world of his creation through the rap-sing technology while proving why he is not cut from the same cloth as the average rappers and performers out there…he is a progressive artist making music on another level; simply because he is one!

“Cry” offers an over 26-minute cathartic and visceral listening experience that any music-passionate listener could do with, and that is why I am recommending this impressive body of work to you.

Already streaming on all the popular platforms, how about you check it out and give it your stamp of approval?

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