With a natural talent for crafting soul-stirring melodies, Hannah Lou Woods’ deep connection to the world of music has only deepened over the years. Her spirituality serves as a wellspring of inspiration for her music, infusing her compositions with a profound sense of purpose and meaning. She is an artist with sincere intentions and aims to create an intimate connection with listeners, allowing them to find their own spaces within her compositions. She explores themes of love and likes to celebrate the genuine connection and chemistry between two people who share this indestructible attraction between them, borrowing from her connection with her husband.

After making waves with the debut single, “Fallen from the Stars” which went on to garner positive buzz from the international music market, Woods is building on this momentum by releasing a 6-song EP dubbed “Meet Me at the Pine Tree,” which includes the critically acclaimed single.

An ode to her husband, this EP unfolds like the chapters of a well-crafted romantic novel, each chapter taking a listener on this romantic-fueled journey where love is celebrated in all its forms. She exhibits vulnerability, tenderness, and emotion, creating a profound connection with her listeners.

The opener is none other than “Fallen from the Stars,” a brilliant and captivating performance that leaves a lasting imprint on its listener. The thoughtfully hit and hauntingly beautiful piano sets the tone before Woods breathes life with her exceptionally soothing voice. Her voice is so soothing, and so is the instrumentation. Her effortlessly powerful voice is one of pure range and power. The progression of the song demonstrates she morphs into this ball of vocal fire, enveloping a listener in what feels like a live musical theater performance before resorting to the mellow, piano-fueled delivery.

The captivating guitar intro in “Loved By You” lays the foundation, followed closely by the drums, providing the perfect backdrop that attractively complements Woods’ spotlight-stealing vocal performance. This track features a compelling groove, exuding an outstanding pop-infused vibe with folk sensibilities. It is such a beautiful ode to anyone who wishes to be loved and held closely by their special someone.

Charmingly picked guitar lays the foundation for “Breathe in Love,” an enticing ballad, as Hannah goes ahead to unleash a remarkably beautiful voice. Her tone is just magical and ethereally fulfilling. This tune is a powerful ode to that strong and beautiful love that is enjoyed even beyond the confines of time and space. This is an anthem for those who believe deeply in love, let themselves be vulnerable, and surrender to its power!

“Love Like Never Before” features Hannah’s stunningly beautiful and expressive voice over the gently strummed guitar that lays a laid-back tone for about 40 seconds before the bass, lively guitar, and drums are entered into the mix. Her voice remains as expressive as ever as she captures the essence of the song, hitting all the right emotional notes with her performance.

“Contemplating You” is an over-six-minute electric acoustic with meaningful lyrics that resonate with emotional depth. Hannah’s performance cuts through beautifully and emotively as she captures the essence of love with someone whom you choose to spend the rest of your life with.

The last jam, “Lonely Song” is catchy with an uptempo beat and infectious melodies, which is in brilliant contrast to its title because I find it one of the best tunes from the album to actually let loose as you dance with joyful abandon.

As previously mentioned, “Meet Me at the Pine Tree” is a beautifully crafted work of art that deserves its place in music lovers’s favorite playlists.  Savor in its romanticism and let Hannah Lou Woods be your go-to songstress.

And what a time for her to release it in the month of love, right?