H-A-M (Hustle And Motivate) is an exceptional emcee by any measure of the word; not only is his style unique, but it’s deeply rooted in the traditionalism and authenticity of hip-hop and rap music. Having worked in the IT industry for over two decades, he weaves together a tapestry of IT concepts and unique wordplay to create music that’s both powerful and informative. So if you’re keen to learn about networking, engineering, and more outside of a classroom setting, immerse yourself in H-A-M’s music regularly—it’ll certainly do the trick. Trust me!

After the success of “Cyber Chicks”, which already boasts over 25K streams on Spotify, H-A-M returns with another follow-up masterpiece, “Cyber Chicks PT2”. He continues the track’s legacy of exploring love and social engineering themes over a smooth, hypnotic, and nostalgic production.

I appreciate the balanced production that H-A-M effortlessly navigates with his effective flows and scholarly bars, conjuring vivid imagery with his impeccable storytelling prowess.

This epitomizes rap music—you’ll find yourself reflecting on the lyrics even after the track ends. His emotive delivery stirs strong feelings, and the profound lyrics are enhanced by the adept execution of the music.

H-A-M’s confidence and charisma shine through his mature tone, giving the song a unique edge over contemporary releases.

The unmatched flow, excellent cadence, and potent execution speak volumes. What more could a music aficionado ask for?

Available on all major streaming platforms, don’t miss the opportunity to add this raw masterpiece to your playlist. It’s a decision you’ll cherish!

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