Gavin Davies is an artist whose creative career spans a number of disciplines; he is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and voice artist who has finally decided to overcome his own forces of self-doubt, anxiety, and lack of confidence to share with the world his musical gifts. He has recorded so many songs that remain unreleased to date. He was just comfortable making music in his own space and somehow convinced himself that it was enough until recently when he decided to step out of his comfort zone and share his music with the world.

It’s such a commendable feat, and as someone who has a vested interest in musicians, I feel he’s got something unique to offer the music industry. As such, he should be proud that he’s doing what he loves and earning recognition for his undeniable talent.

If I were to briefly summarize the album “Some Light Shines,” I would have nothing but good words for it because I feel this is a marvelous body of work delivered with creative finesse. You can actually feel Gavin’s love and passion for the craft peppered throughout, which infuses the album with authenticity and a palpable sense of passion.

While Gavin normally writes, records, mixes, and masters his own work, “Some Light Shines” was recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

The opening tune, “If I Told You,” is easily likable and very catchy. Gavin’s voice is expressive, and perfectly suited to the genre, and he displays his artistic capability to tell a story through music and therefore provoke thoughts and imagery from within a listener. A tune like this is actually a huge demonstration of the power of music as an art of storytelling.

The instrumentation is polished, with the guitars, drums, and other percussion shining through with a couple of improvisations here and there for that depth and color. I feel the vocal presentation is more folk-inspired while the instrumentation is more pop-influenced…the way he balances the two with such efficiency.

I don’t know why, but I have a weird feeling that the track “Don’t Believe Me” was written to someone close to his life…perhaps his wife. Okay, enough of the speculations, this tune also proves how versatile Gavin is as an artist—he is not interested in sticking to the cookie-cutter folk pop arrangement; he is stunningly improvising and adding in whimsical observations to lighten the mood without losing the authenticity of the song.

The takeaway here, guys, is that if Gavin tells you that he loves you, that he needs you, and that he’ll always be there, consider the song’s title. I feel that he should make a music video for this tune; it seems fun and humorous at the same time.

“Feel Better” is quite emotional and warm, featuring such a beautiful arrangement, excellent production, and a compelling narrative. It also helps that Gavin’s voice is neat and perfectly brings out the gentle nuances and emotions of the tune. In whatever you do, “just smile and you’ll feel better

Just laugh and you’ll feel better

Just love and you’ll feel better

Just don’t worry and you’ll feel better”

“I’ve Been a Fool” is another standout that features the reggae vibe from the word go that is exuded by the drum kick and guitars, which form the backbone of the rhythm and melody. This is the kind of foot-tapping, head-nodding jam that Gavin really fits in like a glove with his performance that is nothing short of iconic, highlighting once again his limitless creativity and versatility.

“Some Light Shines” is a musical masterpiece that is worth any music lover’s time. To find out just how much of this musical excellence you can ingest, follow the attached link, stream the album in its entirety, and add the tunes you fall in love with most to your music library.

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