The best part about music is that when it hits you feel no pain and it has been proved time and again that the best music comes from the sound of your own voice. It can be just for you and it doesn’t need to be for the stage. It’s right inside of you and as such you shouldn’t let anyone’s opinion shut it down for your voice can be like music to your soul. This is the musical journey of Friends from Church, a one-man show engineered by the charismatic and richly talented Paul Rivard who has been operating from his rural-based basement studio in Ontario, Canada.

Like a true believer, he brings distinguished rock tunes that might have been forgotten and takes you way back to those times where beautiful memories reside! The triple-threat tracks “Handmade Son”, “The Line is Set” and “Old World Revolts in Death Club Sing-along” lay the foundation for this expressively explorative and emotion-filled indie journey through alternative detours that other wisely take a listener to an appropriate genre-defined destination!

Always and forever has never felt this real and the rainbow track “Handmade Son” displays a spectrum of beautiful and colorful euphonious rhythms through its abundantly-layered instrumental play that touches on all the core elements of the heart and soul of a listener who gets to digest all this awesomeness in a single sitting as they devour the mammoth amounts of the mouth-watering rhythmic buffet on offer with Friends from Church going out of his way to make sure you get an ethereally satisfactory feeling and ensure that you come back for more of the same!

Friends From Church displays a brilliant raspy, rock-defining vocal performance with exceptional power and command, ebbing and flowing through the danceable elements with great gusto and swagger! “Handmade Son” has wonderfully restrained energy and intensity to it, perfect for this style and genre. This is truly a terrific job all around!

The music video is an animation masterpiece that transcends the artistic innovation even by the impeccable standards of all those involved and you are guaranteed to watch and re-watch it as you simply cannot get enough of it!

We guarantee that this song will instantly become one of your favorites—and for more than one reason!

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