Jeffery Dean Morgan” and #FreshTasteGroup Director “Tahir StayFresh Ali” Entering into the Macro Lounge event at SunDance film festival, 2024.

The anticipatory air is building, and the excitement is palpable. And why? Someone might ask. Well, the answer is pretty simple: “Bolegs: An Old ATLANTA Story” Film Screening at Sundance Film Festival 2024 is about to happen. This is a joint project by highly rated entertainment venture FreshTasteGroup and dynamic film company Swats Nation. The mission is to tell the story of the city of Atlanta, its rich cultural, political, and musical history, the city’s impressive infrastructure, and the beautiful people that make this city stand out above the rest.

This film represents the culmination of a city’s rich cultural atmosphere, diverse community, eye-catching monuments, distinguished musicians and performers, and iconic politicians, civil rights leaders, and philanthropists. And what way to tell all their contributions other than through film?

The film captures the compelling story of a city steeped in cultural richness and its impact on the vibrant music scene. It honors the legends of both past and present, celebrating their significant contributions.

This is a celebration of culture and music that takes on a broad perspective, kind of a 360-degree approach that melds this opulent cultural fabric with the peerless musical standing of Atlanta, which has seen the best international artists evolve from the region.

The equally jovial, welcoming, and beautiful people of Atlanta make up this storyline. After all, a city is defined by its people.

This is a bona fide film to remind the people of Atlanta as well as the rest of the world what this city is made up of, those who have contributed to its growth and success, and the iconic artists that have allowed the soundtracks to come from the very hub of the city’s studios.

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