Ever since she was introduced to the church at a very young age and started singing in the choir, Fola Amoo’s focus has been on creating songs that reflect her steadfast faith in God, her boundless love for Him, and her personal trials and triumphs with God by her side. As a Christian musician, her ultimate goal is to contribute to healing a world devoid of peace and love, to bring hope and positivity, and to remind people that they are not alone, regardless of their struggles. She is a deliverance minister and a chaser of God’s heart. She wants more people to acknowledge and accept God into their lives and be freed from false beliefs. She bases the majority of her testimonies on her own personal experiences of God’s refining work.

“Great God” is the latest offering from this extraordinarily gifted songstress. In this song, she collaborated with another equally talented female singer and songwriter, Deborah Billyben, creating a collaborative tour de force that is uplifting and fulfilling in equal measure.

Personified through the eyes of a human relationship with God, this track takes on a heartfelt and expressive tone coupled with catchy earworm production. It praises God for his greatness and faithfulness towards his children in the consistent building and strengthening of foundations made in him, setting us free from false beliefs, restoring us to our heavenly heritage, and pulling us closer to complete freedom.

The moderate tempo and gentle groove provide solid support for both the artist’s soulful vocals. Fola sings with a mature tone, and her lyrics showcase endless gratitude towards God’s goodness and presence in her life, enabling her to persevere through whatever challenges the world presents.

The lyrics are poignant, and the song’s message and purpose are profoundly fulfilling.

“Great God” is a song that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone out there. It has been delivered with such heart and soul, growing on a listener and drawing them in the further it progresses, and that right there is the mark of a superb gospel jam!

To add this song to your gospel playlist, follow the link provided, and may this song uplift and inspire you as Fola Amoo intended.

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Author: Chelsea