Floe-Joe’s Faces is the brainchild of one Ben Fairey that was created back in 2011. It was from their 2020 debut project, “Floe’s Nest,” that the single “All Over” was produced, and after acquiring the solo copyright owner of the Floe-Joe’s Faces, Ben has decided to rerelease their material to coincide with the release of his debut solo album. Floe-Joe’s Faces uses music to send compelling messages—the effortless storytelling, interlaced with bass-heavy, ambient, and hypnotic beats, creates an effect that cannot be ignored.

Floe-Joe’s Faces has cultivated a versatile sound that is as powerful as it is unique. Known for his relentless creativity, Floe-Joe’s Faces has a penchant for painting vivid scenes with his lyrics while riding harmonies that appeal to all eardrums.

“All Over” will be available for streaming officially on February 4, 2023, including a brand new 4K lyric video that will be available on the same day. What you can expect is, of course, a musical concept turned into style, born out of the reality of the past millennium and nurtured by digital media expression and communication.

This is the kind of banger to break through the peace of the land of the morning calm as Floe-Joe’s Faces takes lead from his inspiration and transforms that knowledge into a musical world of his own making that is addictive and is set to provide the dancefloor and festival heat to get the crowd’s emotional touch!

A remastered digital release of “Flo’s Nest” will also be available on February 6th. All this material is expected to be released through Zyriad Music Records. As of now, the pre-save links for “All Over” are available from some of your favorite digital platforms; follow the attached link and do the necessary!

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