A new lyrical messiah who goes professionally as FBD Baby has graced the rap world and he is here to save listeners from the turmoil that has been inflicted by the same boring type of music we are being fed by wannabe rappers. This is authenticity in its raw fashion and you will love the boundless freedom of expression that this young king unshackles from his eclectic catalog. This is much more than just the music, this is a lifestyle and in it, real life is the order of the day which sees him as the master transform real-life experiences into enrapturing melodies with near-perfect appeal!

While giving him his flowers while he can still smell them, he has all the qualities of a mainstream superstar, and his innate experience and maturity that comes out in his performances honestly transcend his young age. He has that dazzling star quality about him and it comes out indescribably well in his stunningly innovated and expressive tune, “Therapy”- a masterpiece in rap eclipse that blends attested lyrical wit with real-life for that bona fide rap beauty.

This tune goes heard and you will dig into the faultless fluidity and the undisputed lyrical ability of the one and only FBD Baby. Once he makes a glamorous entrance, there is no turning back, and keeps delivering fresh and veritable flows from his natural tank of rap repertoire. Way like a rollie and not a stopwatch; he never stops!

The elegance of the dripping beats integrates the shimmering deep basslines with some hot synths and conclusive 808s. The complementing high keys haunt a listener long after the track is gone. He is just trying to be heard and this is how he expresses himself best. So the city of Pensacola, Florida better back him when it’s his time to shine as he is swiftly approaching there!

The visual charmer that is the music video which was directed by Devin Vasquez is an attention grabber as you get fascinated by the raw images blended with adroitness. Watching this highly defined music video while listening to the rap wisdom will automatically give a listener eargasm!

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