Though his musical journey has been anything but glamorous, South London-based artist Fazey has persevered at every turn and is now enjoying the fruits of his resilience and overcoming the urge to give up when every inch of his being was begging him to! Fazey has continued sharpening his lyrical skills and cadence, continuously growing a loyal fan base all over London. His unique style is a mixture of elements taken from rap, grime, drill, and dancehall.

Fazey’s music is a reflection of his ties to the streets while also expressing his softer side when it comes to his loved ones. Every song he puts out tells a narrative and gives the listener a deeper understanding of his craft.

“Diamond” is the embodiment of a high-end song; it is of top-notch quality, and the lyrical delivery is undoubtedly unmatched! This is the sort of banger that ages like fine wine—the ultimate distillation of drill and grime progressive sound mechanics with a befitting lyrical presentation from an artist who is at the top of his game.

The way he switches his flows over the heavy production needs a closer examination for tips; he is so effortless, and his way with words is second to none. With a combination of ferocity and meaning, Fazey continues to flaunt razor-sharp wordplay, incredibly relatable lyricism, and a vocal style that turns on a dime from earworming to addicting…you just don’t want him to stop!

In this performance, Fazey exudes and emanates the kind of confidence and showmanship you can only earn. “Diamond” is all about that point in your life where you feel like opening up to the idea of love again—where you feel like you might have finally fallen for the one to make your life full again!

“Diamond” is the type of larger-than-life music that makes you feel ‘alive’ again and ready to face the day; follow the attached link and let this masterpiece infiltrate your playlist!

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