With this double project, Ever Snow delves into a dark world, albeit with caricatured humor represented by the circus, to display the process of facing your fears. The title track is transcendent, with Ever Snow showcasing her ingenuity to bring the ancient, the classical, and the erudite together with metal and deathcore energy. Her vocals that enchant like a siren are contrasted with the guest artist Dimitris’ growling and screaming vocals that pertain to the genre appeal of heavy metal, ultimately contributing to the broad appeal of this track.

“Freak Show” makes us float in avant-garde wave synth pop, metalcore, and dark soundscapes, taking us on an otherwise profound journey of reflection and letting us fly away to a place where we can confront our demons head-on. There is an irresistible sensation about this performance; it is a cosmic soundscape that is dark and spellbinding. It attains a sacred power that allures the listener like a siren.

“Freak Show (Trap Version)” showcases another dimension to this raw masterpiece, with the trap percussion, Snow’s haunting vocals, and Dimitris’ growling vocals creating an otherworldly experience that not enough words can express.

Ever Snow’s music has now become a spiritual experience, with the listener always left with a deep appreciation for the unknown and the resulting freedom that comes with it. “Freak Show” is a prime example of that.

This track is crafted with ethereal strands of sound, each line shimmering with the mystique that is contained in the vocals; all converging into a harmonious whole in a beautiful harmony that is often accompanied by insights and epiphanies.

“Freak Show” is a profound exploration of emotion and sound and a stunning example of Ever Snow’s ability to weave a complex tapestry of musical styles and genres into a haunting and unforgettable melody.

This double single also demonstrates her willingness to push boundaries and explore new sounds, resulting in an innovative and accessible piece of music.

To sink your teeth into this cathartic experience, follow the attached link and let the music take over completely.

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