Emmett is swiftly and rightfully evolving and earning notice as an up-and-coming superstar to keep an eye out for. He is a deviation from the ordinary and expected, and instead of merely copying his predecessors, he has decided to forge his own path within the tradition of first-class production, rapping, and singing. Since statistics don’t lie, they are saying that he is currently a hot commodity in the music scene. As the freshest talent in town, Emmett is earnestly stretching the limits of genres and styles with his genre-bending flex that spans hip-hop and pop. He wears his non-traditional attire like a glove and is captivating music fans globally, one hit at a time. His debut single, “Attention Seeker” for example, has already amassed close to 100K Spotify streams!

He returns with another tour de force, “Sky All Around,” delivered from multiple points of view. The chorus is inquisitive and delivered by a person on their deathbed, reflecting on their past and wondering whether it was all worth it, whether he really made it, or whether it was just all a waste.

The verse unfurls in that dreamlike state where the protagonist meets God, who shows him his list of all he could have achieved but none of which he did. The bridge veers into our own associations and how they contribute to our success or failure.

The song commences with a captivating hook delivered thoughtfully and emotionally over the mellow piano tones. Upon reaching the verse, the beat introduces that signature hip-hop spark with the bass, synths, percussion, and 808, providing solid support for Emmett’s poetic finesse.

Throughout this track, Emmett maintains such a strong presence, exuding charm and confidence as he guides listeners from one sonic sphere to the next.

A raw masterpiece by any measure, “Sky All Around” compellingly positions itself as a new favorite.

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