Fresh from performing at The Voice UK, where she reached the semi-final, and a musical odyssey through Nashville, Elly O’Keeffe has solidified herself as a gifted musician, pianist, and guitarist. She is a unique songbird that grips the listener with her beautiful melodies and relatable lyricism. She provides the most beautiful and haunting melodies with conscious lyrics to accompany her songs. Sometimes soulful, playful, satirical, or even dark, each song Elly creates tells its own story and has a personal meaning behind it…simply put, her music tells the stories of our lives!

“I Hear You” offers a listening experience that is both visceral and cathartic. The music has a soothing and evocative quality that is experienced more than heard.

Her voice—it is so angelic and carries with it so much faultless power. It is like she is performing this track to you live…she takes you all the way, and her way of phrasing ensures that the listener develops their own personal relationship with the lyrics.

Her gently nurtured signature smooth and soulful voice accompanies the piano-driven intro, and as the tune progresses, there is that cinematic touch added with some live percussion, synths, and organic instrumentation backed by surprisingly intimate lead singing.

With very personal lyrics, a crisp and polished sound, and a particular golden voice, “I Hear You” gives an ode to that inner voice, intuition, or gut that sits at our most wise foundation and which, when called upon, helps us navigate through troubled waters and come out of the other side alive.

Her captivating delivery really leaves nothing to be desired—she is raw, emotional, honest, and backed by a natural vulnerability to ensure the listener feels this music as deeply as she does.

Elly O’Keeffe recently released her new album “When We Live” which is streaming on all popular channels…this is your chance to experience intriguing music with expressive melodies and catchy hooks that stay in your head for days.

Follow the attached YouTube link, subscribe to  Elly O’Keeffe’s channel, like this audio release, and share your thoughts under the comment section…she will sure appreciate it.

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