When you listen to all these ten tracks, it’s less about the technicalities, the instrumental fluidity, and the unrivaled vocal performance but more about the message and the impact these tracks eventually have on their listeners. Savannah, Georgia-based musician Elliot Szabo deserves his flowers for drawing inspiration from his tumultuous past experiences to create music that connects to listeners on a deep emotional level.

This album has already left a lasting impression on me. I find myself returning to some of these tracks to seek sanctuary because we all go through rough patches in life, and we need to feel less alone; “Brave” is the music I’ve been going back to seek refuge when everything else around me is in ruins.

The tracks here take the listener through a chaotic yet cohesive journey of mental crisis, loss, heartbreak, addiction, hope, love, and resiliency. By incorporating songs that reflect different battlefronts and evoking an optimistic and motivational tone towards conquering such frontlines, Szabo creates an empowering body of work that seeks to comfort and empower its listener.

There is just something special about “Time of Your Life” that I can’t quite wrap my finger around; I’ve been listening to this tune on repeat, and each time it just gets better. Vocally, Elliot has never sounded better…the raw intensity of his vocals helps highlight the depth of the deeply relatable theme about resiliency in the face of great adversity…you know, trying to get by and hold on when it is anything but easy!

I also love the dynamism of the tune; it is an authentic slice of rock with country undertones, and I love how, as the tune progresses, Szabo unleashes a timeless medley of arena-sized riffs and flanks with self-assured vocals.

“Holding On to You” is another deeply relatable anthem, particularly with that unforgettable chorus. This song is about holding on to hope, especially from others close to you, to survive and get past troubled waters.

I love that delightfully charming guitar intro in the title track, “Brave”…gets to me every time. The track’s lyrics are connected to the personal theme of the song and are timely and relevant. This is the kind of track that can never fade!

It is a reflection of hopelessness that cleverly brings a listener’s past depression to light and shows a way forward from past traumatic experiences. Despite the difficult topic, Elliot handles it with care to make it therapeutic for those who can relate to him in this situation. Elliot Szabo also sounds tenacious and powerful.

A track like “Get Out” is powerful and embodies the entire album’s profound lyrics and hook-laden choruses. This tune hits you to the core and challenges you to go beyond an internal cataclysm and conquer such calamities or other mental health issues.

Many arrangements in this entire collection have the feel-rock, arena-ready singer with soaring vocals and an unmistakable degree of passion driving things in the right direction.

I hope you have a fulfilling listening experience as much as I did!