For many years, Colombia has been a hotbed of talents that have gone on to earn international acclaim. El Ritmo Records, a prominent music label comprised of talented and forward-thinking professionals, has been instrumental in elevating local talent to global status. Once again, the label showcases its keen eye for talent and ear for innovative sounds with “Un Asado” by the incredibly gifted Briant Breezy, featuring another outstanding talent, Maikcel.

“Un Asado” resonates with such depth and authenticity. Blending internationally acclaimed Afrobeats with their signature Colombian sound, the result is an ear-catching and border-transcending track.

This track captivates listeners from the first play, making an immediate and lasting impression. The hook at the song’s heart is particularly captivating, playing over and over in the listener’s mind. This quality is a hallmark of a truly memorable anthem.

The dexterous execution of the music attractively complements the depth of the Spanish-flavored lyricism. Both vocalists breathe life into the track, their impeccable flows and expressive vocals accentuate the substance of the track.

Every element works in perfect harmony to create a diverse and cohesive sound that is a seamless blend of African and Colombian influences.

The accompanying music video, shot in the striking “La Gran Colombia” supermarket, is the ideal complement to this memorable anthem, both in its narrative and storyline.

A remarkable anthem that is making headlines not only in Colombia but also in America and Africa, “Un Asado” is the perfect banger to usher in the festive season.

Explore this track now streaming on all major platforms, and don’t forget to watch the exclusive video on YouTube and share it with others as well.

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