Based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Durkmoose is a hard rock duo forging their own creative path within the realms of hard rock and contemporary metal music, filled with the raw emotions that define a new sound of Albuquerque. The gritty, genre-bending duo is an amalgam, drawing from the incredibly rich musical history of the city, including influences from bands like The Shins and The Echoing Green.

Cultivating a robust following in New Mexico, their independent rise has allowed them to hone their creative vision and continue on a path with the global market as their intended destination. Their 2020 debut EP, “Hill Controlled,” showcases the duo’s vision, profundity, and talent as they set the bar with their heavily instrumental gems, arousing emotions even without lyrics.

With this 5-track EP, Durkmoose takes you on a journey to different realms with the intense and intriguing narratives packaged nicely and rounded out by the swirling riffs, powerful drums, exquisite bass, striking synths, and all-around first-class production.

If there is one thing that this EP has in abundance, then that thing is character. The collection is brimming with charismatic and slightly edgy sets of tonality that let you really soak in the vibrancy and style that this all gives off.

And you know what? The golden age of rock would be proud. Yet something is unfamiliar. This EP challenges the status quo and does not stick to standard cookie-cutter hard rock arrangements. This means that there is no coast or region that it is beholden to; the relatable yet fringy compositions are set to a grimy, dingy, soulful, and at times cinematic soundtrack that makes for such a beautifully haunting experience.

“Bullet in the Head” features such a powerful and theatrical soundtrack backed by precise and thoughtful innovations that work in perfect tandem with the song’s larger theme and essence. The adrenaline-surged delivery allows a listener to feed off the energy and savor each note and rhythm emanating from here.

“Scrape Tree” felt quite soulful and transcendental, with an alluring soundscape that haunts the listener outside the tune. I love how Durkmoose is able to capture the exact emotions they intended with their skillful execution and instrumental dexterity.

“Delirium” is also emotionally charged with a compelling soundscape that holds the listener captive and refuses to let go until it is no more. I love the instrumental interplay and how immersive the tune feels. Durkmoose captures the song’s narrative with such poise and panache.

What you are guaranteed from the entire “Hill Controlled” EP is an escape into a world of your own creation, with each song open for interpretation.

Follow the link to savor this outstanding EP and listen to the other impressive releases from this duo’s eclectic discography!