Dreaming While Awake is the musical project of producer and virtuosic bass player Espen Skaar, based out of San Francisco, California. An eclectic electronic music producer who adds a host of other influences from jazz, trip hop, synth pop, reggae, house, future, and among others, DWA brings a dynamic sound perspective to the forefront of both the retro and modern soundscapes with his unique and equally accessible music. From the very beginning, Espen has been a trailblazer, completely undeterred by other electronic sounds that permeated the airwaves, his unwavering determination and sheer will to leave his own unique mark backing him up. If anything, it was a challenge to be tested, and he passed with flying colors; his vastly acclaimed music attests to that!

Taking a departure from his quintessential electronica with jazz undertones, DWA delves deep into the ethereal and synthetic pop world with trip hop sensibilities with his latest single, “Make it your Own”, featuring producer and rapper Ian Greaves.

This track is super special and addicting, with a contagious amount of energy and a goosebump-causing soundscape that is best enjoyed at maximum volume, a glass of some fine bourbon in hand.

The deeply phased bass kicks in with swagger and attitude, backed by the keyboard undertones, before a host of intricate percussion and muscular synths are eased in to round out this sound.

The rap vocals from Ian add flair and a crystal-clear polish to the arrangement and elevate this track to new heights of appeal.

The sonic textures, deep-driving beat, and pounding bass peppered throughout this record really are music design done right.

Ultimately, “Make it your Own” represents the outcome when incredibly gifted artists decide to come together and blend their musical tastes and ideas.

This track has so many standout elements, but I feel that the sense of energy it has is particularly strong and is guaranteed to endear itself to any listener, no matter their genre affiliations!

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