Doug Ferony has always drawn from a lifetime of musical influences, sharpening his skills as a musician over the years with his music providing a concoction of touching lyrics delivered with his rich baritone voice. His musicianship has paid off with numerous to-dream-for concerts to his name, including monumental performances in top nightclubs, racetracks, cruises, hotels, and so many features in TV shows and movies. His dream has always been to allow people to connect with his music on a deeply emotional level, and the journey that began with just a simple love for the music has blossomed into something huge that will stand the test of time. Every song Doug Ferony releases possess a life of its own, and it is one admirable quality of his artistry that has made him a fan favorite.

He has a new album, “Catch the Wave,” a romantic-inspired ballad with 13 stunningly composed and passionately performed tracks. This over 46 minutes long collection is the absolute freedom to chaos; you just get to push the play button, close your eyes, and experience magic as each track transitions into the other, taking you to heaven you never thought existed, and if your wishes were horses, then you’d wish to spend the rest of your mortal life trapped in here!

Doug Ferony truly wanted to make tracks that fit in most people’s ears, and what a way to do it than in “Catch the Wave.” He wanted the songs to have a romantic and emotional vibe to them hence the lyrics but also the broad range of instruments to entertain its listener. After listening to this special collection, you will actually be surprised at how good it is!

“Wave” flows smoothly and flawlessly, just like water down a stream. It has a nostalgic feel to it, with his powerful, velvety vocals flourishing over the jazz instrumentation and managing to demand a repeated listening experience. The instrumentation here speaks to your soul; his raw vocals speak directly to your heart!

“I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face” whisks you to a paradise, and a paradise, in my view, is a place brimming with melodies like these. His honeyed voice-over and harmonious instrumentation are why you will become accustomed to this track as much as Doug Ferony is accustomed to the girl’s heart, face, and smile!

“Dindi” is easy on the ears and an easy recommendation. This is just a genuine performance with a very catchy feel with a contagious spark that is just as addicting as it is captivating. The fusion of soulful jazz with a subtle nuance of traditional folk and pop, backed by that near-perfect vocal presentation, is simply beyond words!

Just imagine there are ten more tracks with indescribable emotions featuring nostalgic melodies and complemented by Doug Ferony’s ear-worming vocals. If I were you, I know exactly where I’d be!

Follow the attached link, and you will understand why it is the best decision of your life (let me not keep you further from witnessing your paradise!)

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