Music and art have always been the safe haven for American-based Christian singer-songwriter Doug Eden. His imagination was his escape, and songs were his sanctuary. He has always felt that through songwriting and singing, he truly connects with God and feels his worth and purpose. He believes his musical gift is a divine tool given to him to overcome the darkness in this world. It is the lens through which Doug can look at ashes and see beauty.

As an up-and-coming Christian artist, Doug seeks to fashion a refreshingly vulnerable and soulful songwriting style that will enable him to connect with diverse audiences and remind them just how powerful God is. And while he likes to have fun on stage, Doug mostly sees entertainment as a tool to heal, educate, and empower.

His debut single “Broken” is an ode to God’s everlasting love, grace, and mercy that saved him when he was broken and on the verge of being consumed by the world.

His expressive voice, rich with effortless power, is perfectly suited for the genre. The beat here is powerful, featuring a concoction of soaring guitars and other percussive instruments that give it the melodic edge of rock.

At its core, “Broken” showcases an unforgettable chorus delivered with heartfelt clarity, resonating with listeners long after the song ends.

This immersive and healing track marks an impressive start for Doug Eden, signed to Grace of God Music.

Drawing on his own journey of truly understanding and accepting God’s grace, Doug hopes for every listener and worshipper to know the depth of God’s goodness towards them and for that reality to release them from shame and the empty rules of false religion into a life of freedom and joy.

This release is the first of five more tracks from Doug Eden, which he will be releasing every month.

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